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Sinergija10 Announcement

As some of you might already know I will be speaking at Sinergija10, Microsoft conference held 16-19 November 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Last year I held two presentations regarding Code Refactoring, Coding Standard and Code Review. This year my presentations will be about Unit Testing (both on Thursday 18.11.2010):

  1. Unit Testing solid fundamentals

  • Why testing?

  • How to start?

  • What (not) to test?

  • Unit Testing phases

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • Mocks / Stubs

  • Dependency Injection / Dependency Lookup

  1. Advanced Unit Testing – real life examples and mistakes

  • Goals of test automation

  • Principles of Test Automation

  • Visual Studio Testing tips

  • Real life examples

  • Dangers of UT

I would also like to recommend another presentation held by my friend and personal JavaScript super hero Aleksandar Mirilović from DotExe led on Tuesday 16.11.2010. Aleksandar will be presenting DotExe Development Platform (DXD).

DXD is a framework for creating desktop-like web applications without knowing HTML, JavaScript or CSS based on MS ASP.NET 3.5 and Sencha ExtJS. Applications are built using DXD Designer, which is implemented as a Visual Studio Package and also as a "stand alone" application. DXD Designer enables ExtJS forms generation from the Windows Forms Designer which can be run in all leading browsers (Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 3, Safari, Opera ...).

The main advantage of this platform, compared to a conventional web application development, is that it allows huge savings in development time thanks to its complete automation of: a client-server communication, data synchronization and ExtJS forms generation, which allow writing complete rich web applications without a single line of JavaScript. You can see the demo here.