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Sinergija 11 presentation material


Here is the presentation material [download] [view online].
Also I have a some interesting resources for you.


Sinergija11 Announcement

I will be giving a talk on 19th October at this year Sinergija titled “Soprex framework on .NET in action”.

The target of this session is to cover leading ideas and basic principles behind Soprex Core Application (SCA) framework for building enterprise applications. I will cover some of the most important design decisions we made while building it. Some of them are:

  • How we implemented Domain objects (entities) and why.
  • What are we using for Data Access and why it is awesome!
  • How Model-View-Presenter saved the day.



I’m also very happy to announce presentation “Advanced mobile web applications” on 20th October by my colleague from Soprex, and personal JavaScript super hero, Aleksandar Mirilović.

The presentation deals with the problems that exist in the development of mobile applications and how these problems can be solved using current web standards HTML5 and CSS3. Presentation will include developing simple application using Sencha Touch and ASP.NET and how that web application can work offline and access native resources using PhoneGap.




And hey, If you like what you hear why not join us…