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Speaking at Sinergija 2013


I will be speaking at this year’s Sinergija.

Presentation is titled State of the art logging and here are my incomplete notes for it:

  • How to build state of the art production system instrumenting so you can easily understand what is going on in your production system?
  • Which component to use? Log4Net, NLog, System.Trace, custom solution…
  • Event vs. Trace (Monitoring vs. Performance)
  • Negative events
  • Tracing steps with “using” notation (e.g. MiniProfiler)
  • AOP vs. manual logging
  • Where to output data?
  • How to scope data?
  • How not to kill app performance?
  • How to bake in app profiler in your tracing lib?
  • Demo of Webcom powerful GUI for trace analytics system.
  • Demo of AOP logging in MVC web app using NLog.