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My badass list of JavaScript resources

About a year ago I finally started learning JavaScript so I could build complex, fast and fancy client web app that relies on restful services. I was completely new to this subject so I basically needed to learn everything from scratch… the language, best practices, architecture…

So here are resources I used for learning and libraries that helped me along the way.

JavaScript basics

First the language and most popular lib – jQuery.


Knockout is great lib for MVVM that does client rendering and data binding.


Grate CSS framework with fancy controls that supports responsive UI.


Additional controls that integrate nicely with Bootstrap.


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  • Shadowed

    5/7/2015 6:18:33 PM | Reply

    SignalR - obrnuto, pushing from server to client Smile
    Konkretnije - dvosmerna komunikacija.

    • Vukoje

      5/8/2015 10:59:57 AM | Reply

      true true, tnx!