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Goodbye Soprex

Few months ago I have left Soprex and joined Webcom. I have been working in Soprex  for more than 5 years and in those years I worked with some amazing people with whom I built some amazing apps I’m proud of:

  • B5 (Big Five) - Multi-portal web application that hosts multiple sites with following major features: ePortal, eCatalogue, eShop and eStock. EPortal is CMS system that can host multiple sites which can share pages. ECatalogue allows web portals to expose Product catalog to site visitors. ECatalogue also allows product and product groups sharing among web portals. EShop allows site visitors to order products which availability is maintained through eStock.
  • Soprex Core Applicaton (SCA) - Framework for building enterprise applications written in .NET. Among many things it includes implementation of domain objects, micro-ORM, code profiler, custom MVP implementation that can run Windows and Web applications.
  • Price and Quotation (P&Q) - Application for Quoting and Ordering built for SKF’s distributor network. Application is based on SCA and includes identical Windows and Web GUI. P&Q implements very complex pricing business rules that on the other hand allow user maximum flexibility in creating offers for customers.


Below is photo of my favorite moment in career when our customer form Germany sent us cookies to express its gratitude for all the hard work we did for them.


Love you guys… make tons of money and give me some of it :D

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