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New CallidusCloud .NET developer ad

.NET programmer

If you love .NET and web, if you are good programmer or you wish to be one, if you are not afraid of JavaScript - contact us, we need teammates.


Who are we?


CallidusCloud is USA company developing cloud-based sales, marketing and learning solutions. Beside USA we have offices in Serbia, UK, India, Australia and Japan.

Our headquarters are in Silicon Valley and that is the market we are competing on. All great things we build are being shown to the whole world at our C3 conferences in Las Vegas and London.

Our software also won some awards.


So what?


We are currently developing several cloud web based solutions. All we build is web - SaaS and multitenant.

We use new and exciting technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, Autofac, KnockoutJs, RequireJs, Elasticsearch, Bootstrap, SignalR…

Our solutions are integrating with most popular cloud solutions: Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, DocuSign, Google Api, Linkedin, Box…

Here are some things we have built so far with which we like to brag:

  • drag and drop dynamic web portal builder
  • online cshtml editing (hell yeah… dynamic compiling in cloud)
  • Chrome extension that integrated Google Calendar with our API
  • cloud app customizations through Pythons scripts
  • we have our own rule engine
  • we have best logger in town
  • we have extended Mozilla’s PDF Reader in JavaScript to support adding annotations
  • we built federative authentication over SAML 2.0 (oAuth on steroids)

Most of the things we end up building are our original ideas.


Why us?


  • We don’t do outsource! That means we are not selling development hours and we are not jumping from one small project to another. We are not just implementing web pages - we are building products.
  • We don’t split developers in front end and back end. You will have opportunity to optimize DB queries and also build fancy widgets in JavaScript. Our designers will polish it all up.
  • Working on weekends? What is that? The only good programmer is well-rested programmer!
  • We have plenty of parking space.
  • We are located right next to Košutnjak forest. You can go for a run after work or enjoy your lunch in nature.
  • We have best coffee in town. Ask for sample on your job interview.
  • You laptop will have SSD, 8GB of RAM, docking station and fancy wireless keyboard.